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“Good love is starting with loving our precious culture”

“Thai silk” the precious hand-woven textile from the north-eastern part (Esan) of Thailand. The weavers from the area maintain the methods and processes of weaving which has been pass down through the generations. Esan’s Thai silk is well known in domestic and international for its aesthetic & quality craft of Thailand. Unfortunately the amount of weavers have decreased dramatically because new generations move to capital for better income. Since Thai silk demand has declined and unpoppular among young generation because earning from weaving is not enough for their living that cause hand weaving Thai silk is taking risk to disappear.

“Love at first sight”

Thai silk has been declined on demand among new generations due to in-user friendly reasons which cause decreasing of weavers in hand-woven local communities. This is such a pain point of Thai craft lover and risking this precious Thai wisdom may disappear. Salete takes this as a mission to preserve local weaving communities by designing lifestyle product to rising demand on Thai silk again. Bag which will create “new relationship between Thai silk & new generations”.


The bag’s function will need to response youth’s lifestyle, user friendly and must be fascinating enough to gain their feeling “ Love at first sight” when they get positive feeling that would lead to change thought process and to good attitude for Thai silk eventually.

The bag is designed with brand new silhouette which users never seen it before. It’s a “WOW” effect for Thai silk bag. Designing criteria is making silk more beautiful. Color mixing and pleated texture are carefully selected and adding on curved silk surfaces, combined with geometric shape.


The good combination of materials and shape with valued technique on Thai identity bag is an eye catching, giving good attitude about Thai silk and lead them open mind to their life eventually.


To inspire modern ethical fashion society, SALETE initiates ‘Perfection of Best Diverse Values’ between ‘Masterful Design + Extraordinary Visual + Artisanal Material + Cutting Edge Style.


Salete’s mission seeks to strengthen the weaving communities in sustainable way by presenting Thai silk in new vision. Fresh design product  in order to change attitude of younger people about Thai silk to new pages. Making Thai silk in lifestyle product that they can related to their lifestyle with modern geometric design which could turn their attitude in positive way from old fashion and unfriendly using to adorable Thai silk/genuine leather bag which they can use everyday and match to their casual clothes with contemporary design. By the design will bring new oppertunities when we tend to escalate Thai silk product to international market with our hope to preserve weaving communities in sustainable way.

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